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Studio 92 di Jean-Marie Le Ray S.n.c.

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Here are only included the more significant translations (titles), with regard either to their length and/or their nature. Most range from two thousand to eight thousand words in length and I indicated the actual word count for the more important projects. I personally translated ALL jobs listed with the only exceptions of the UFGS and the FAO projects, for which I coordinated all work (both over 240,000 words) carried out by several translators and translated myself 80,000 of those for each one.

From English into French, more translated fields are the following : Science & Technology; Economics & Commercial; Energy & Environment; Construction & Public Works; from Italian into French : all.

I have already built-up my personal library of translation memories and glossaries for almost all of these projects, creating a most extensive trilingual terminology database. This wide-ranging lexical base compiled over the years is employed exclusively to ensure greater terminological consistency in translation, revision and/or editing. In no case is proprietary terminology ever transferred or divulged to third parties, in order to avoid breach of clients' confidentiality. The same for translation memories and glossaries protected by copyright.

As translations are generally subject to non-disclosure agreements, I don't give out translation samples. Only in a very exceptional way, and on the grounds of serious reasons, I can provide short anonymized examples of work upon request.

As well, if a new client want me to do a paid test for assess my translation quality and writing skills, text must be no longer than 200 words (40,00 € minimum fee to charge).

Projects directly undertaken by Studio 92 Snc into English or into Italian are not mentioned here. With regard to subcontracting activities, several agencies have entrusted me with their more complex projects.

All links are clickable, allowing you to access the translation page in French, from where you can go back to the category you want by clicking on the flags. This page is always on progress, please come back from time to time to see new entries.

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Science & Technology



1. TETA EXTENSION - Invitation to tender / Statement of Work (+ 20,000 words)

  • - Teta Sub-system (a system for collection and storage of spatial flight data ARIANE IV and ARIANE V)
  • - Development, Implementation and Commissioning of Centralized User Information Services

2. Ground Protection Coordination Proposition



1. Statement of Work for Development and Maintenance of Information Systems Software (+ 16,000 words)

2. ERP Translation Project

  • + 130,000 translated words from English into French as part of a 2,000,000 words project

3. mp3 Player User Manual



1. Statement of Work for the Telecommunications (Telephone switchboard, Fax, Telex) Operations and Support Services

2. Digital Radio Equipment

  • Factory acceptance test procedure

3. Medium/Low Capacity Digital Radio Link

4. Installation and Commissioning Specification for PDH Microwave Radio Equipment

5. Call Center Overview (+ 100,000 words)

  • What is a Call Center?
  • Virtual Tour
  • Call Center Technology
  • Tutorial

6. End-to-end circuits commercial agreement + service description


Remote sensing

1. Study of Dedicated SAR Interferometry Mission

  • Announcement of Opportunity

2. Statement of Work for a Study on "Demonstration of Potential value of EO (Earth Observation) Data and Products

  • End-to-end Demonstrator : Mega Cities (+ 9,000 words)



1. Working Instructions for a Meter / Logger (+ 9,000 words)



1. Statement of Work - Audio-Visual Interactive Services

2. Statement of Work – Implementation of System Engineering Tools

3. Electronic Data Interchange and Documentation Management

  • Draft – Statement of Work

4. Meteo Message Handling System


Artificial Intelligence

1. Knowledge Engineering – Construction of an expert system (+ 9,000 words)


Defence / Military Sector

1. Armoured Wheeled Reconnaissance Vehicles for the ... Armed Forces (+ 20,000 words)

  • Maintenance Contract – Restricted Document

2. Description of a tactical air navigation aid (TACAN) system (+ 10,000 words)

3. Syracuse 1 Project (military communications satellite) – Draft Quality Assurance Plan (+ 9,000 words)


Industry, Skills & Technique


Metal and Mechanical

1. Hardened and tempered steel development for OCTG with increased mechanical strength and resistance to SSCC


Machine Tools

1. Front loader load sensing control system

  • User and spare parts manual



1. Optical pulse autocorrelator suitable for measuring the duration of very short pulses having a wavefront shear generator...

2. Presentation of an ergonomic gripping device for precision tool. Universal cutter.

3. Ergonomic inflatable booster cushion for laptop computers

4. Device for withdrawing and transferring body liquids

5. Mass storage device for use with a computer system

6. Apparatus to execute a memory request to a computer memory...

7. Method and system for iteratively assigning respective discrete priorities to a plurality of participants in accordance with one or more selection criteria and targeting those participants, if any, having the highest priority during each iteration (+14,000 words)

8. Method for loading a multi-component soft mass into the moulds of ceramic tile-forming presses


Economics & Commercial



1. Trends in Saving Banking and Development of National Associations



1. Futures Market Booklet (EN-FR) and joint documentation : Terms of trading, General Risk Disclosure Statement, Customer Agreement and Financial Information



1. Financial Reports

2. Balance Sheets

3. Income Statements

4. Cash Flow Statements

5. Explanatory Notes

More details on the XBRL page

6. Finance and Accounting Module of a Training Course for Software utilization (as part of a 4 Modules Course) (+84,000 words)

Five Sessions :

  • - Accounts Receivable
  • - Fixed Assets
  • - Accounts Payable and Banking
  • - General Ledger
  • - Advanced General Ledger



1. Quality Control Program of a Construction Group

2. Certificate of approval of the Quality Management System of XXX

  • Certificate of conformity
  • Awarded to XXX
  • YYY certify that the Quality Management System of the above supplier has been assessed and found in accordance with the requirements of the quality standards detailed below
  • Quality Standards : ...
  • With respect to the following scope of supply : ...
  • Original approval date : ...
  • Subject to the continued satisfactory operation of the supplier’s Quality Management System, this certificate is valid until ...

3. Description of Maintenance Philosophy and Maintenance Mix – Technical Proposal

  • (part in English, part in Italian)



1. Private Health Insurance : current position and future prospects (ISVAP-OECD)


Law, Court matters & Legal



1. All sorts of trade agreements and general conditions of purchase

2. Memorandum of Association

3. Articles of Association

4. Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name - Certification of Corporation and of Representative of the said Corporation

5. Multiparty Account Pooling Agreement

6. Joint-venture Agreements

7. Slot Agreement

8. Confidentiality Agreement


Politics & Policies


Employment Policies

1. Public Employment Services and National Reference Points in Europe


Community Programmes

1. Rules of Procedure of the Financial Control Group (for Financial Control according to chapter IV and ‘Winding up’ according to chapter V of regulation (EC) 438/2001 of the Community Initiative Programm "INTERREG IIIB Med.Occ.")


Health, Medical & Pharmaceutical


Medical Devices

1.Magnetic Resonance System (Technical Information)

2.Cochlear implant


Pharmaceutical sector

1. Evaluation of the operation of Community procedures for the authorisation of medicinal products (+150,000 words)

  • Interim Report and Final Report (EUROPEAN COMMISSION - ENTERPRISE DG - Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Unit)
  • Keywords : EMEA (European Medicine Evaluation Agency) and pharmacovigilance systems in Europe



1. Recurrent varicose veins : functional evaluation

  • Keywords : Recurrent varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, vascular investigations

2. Causative Organism (microbiological characteristics of S. typhi)


Education, Training & Work

None for now : only from Italian into French


Arts, Communications & Information

None for now : only from Italian into French

(Poems of the Pope John Paul II, and some comments about my translation of a poetry book)


Energy & Environment



1. Limande quality characteristics

2. Topping Unit Decontamination Project (+10,000 words)

  • Desalter decontamination project
  • Exchangers decontamination project
  • Topping fractionator, overhead section and attached strippers

3. Tank Decontamination Products & Processes

4. Decontamination Technology and Industrial Safety

5. Chemical treatment program for Oil and Gas System and Advanced Modelling for Oil & Gas Industry

  • Pipeline design tool
  • Leak Detection & Location
  • Transient / Steady State system
  • Pig / Scraper Management and Tracking
  • Look-Ahead model
  • Line Pack & Survival time calculation
  • Gas Load Forecast & Peak determination
  • Multi-Product Batch Scheduling & Tracking
  • Pipeline / Network Inventory
  • Flow Measurement : AGA standards
  • Imbalance & throughput calculation
  • Nomination & Nomination confirmation
  • Billing & Accounting management
  • Expert system & Crisis management
  • Operator Training Simulator
  • Customer Information System



1. Precision voltage reference uses EEPROM and floating gate trim



1. Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Recovery Plant

  • Design Philosophy of EDP/ESD System (Emergency Depressurization / Emergency Shut Down)

2. Utilities for revamped/expanded facilities

3. Utilities for LPG recovery facilities


Construction & Public Works


Unified Facilities Guide Specifications

As said on the UFGS' site, Unified Facilities Guide Specifications are a joint effort of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), and the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA, and are for use in specifying construction for the military services.

We are talking about a 240,000 words project in less than three months, the biggest and the most difficult I've ever translated (I was together project manager, team coordinator, translator, proofreader and so forth). This version of specs was updated at 1996. Below is the list of chapters to be translated.


SF 1442 Solicitation, Offer, and Award

00101 Instructions to Bidders

00150 Instructions to Proposers

00402 Representations and Certifications

00501 List of Drawings

00600 Bond Forms, Certificates, Disclosure Form

00710 Contract Clauses far 52.202 through 52.228

00711 Contract Clauses far 52.229 through 52.252

00740 Contract Clauses for Overseas


01011 General Paragraphs

01300 Submittals

01400 Quality Control

01560 Temporary Controls

01600 Evaluation Factor for Award

01730 Operation and Maintenance Data


02220 Earthwork

02233 Stabilized Aggregate Base Course

02661 Exterior Water Distribution System

02680 Bituminous Concrete Pavement Replacement

02722 Exterior Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drainage System Piping

02723 Storm Drainage and Sanitary Sewer Appurtenances

02731 Force Mains and Grinder Pump Station

02950 Landscaping (Trees, Plants, Ground Covers and Lawn Turf)


03300 Cast-in-Place Concrete


04200 Unit Masonry


05120 Structural Steel

05500 Metal Fabrications


06100 Rough Carpentry


07160 Bituminous Damproofing

07220 Roof Insulation

07232 Wall Insulation

07270 Firestopping

07321 Clay Roofing Tiles

07410 Preformed Metal Roofing & Siding

07520 Prepared Roll Roofing

07600 Flashing and Sheet Metal

07700 Roofing - Special Features

07920 Sealants


08110 Steel Doors, Door Frames and Vision Window Frames

08331 Overhead Coiling Doors

08520 Aluminum Windows

08710 Finish Hardware

08800 Glazing


09120 Ceiling Suspension System

09212 Plaster

09310 Ceramic Tile and Stone

09411 Terrazzo works

09500 Acoustical Treatment

09910 Painting of Buildings


10201 Metal Wall and Door Louvers

10426 Signs

10800 Washroom and Building Accessories


Not Used


14214 Hydraulic Freight Elevators

14636 Cranes, Overhead Electric, Top Running


15011 Mechanical General Requirements

15200 Noise, Vibration, and Seismic Control

15240 Water Storage Tank

15250 Insulation for Mechanical Systems

15320 Fire Pumps

15330 Fire Extinguishing Sprinkler Systems (Wet Pipe)

15400 Plumbing

15483 Fuel Oil Handling System (Diesel Fuel)

15488 Low Pressure Compressed Air Systems (Non-Breathing Type)

15651 Hot Water Piping

15711 Hot Water Boilers

15820 Air Handling and Distribution Equipment

15840 Ductwork and Accessories

15901 Space Temperature Control System

15996 Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing of Heating, Ventilating, and Cooling Systems

15997 Inspection and Certification of Boilers


16011 Electrical General Requirements

16301 Underground Electrical Work

16335 Transformers, Substation & Switchgear, Interior

16370 Overhead Electrical Work

16402 Interior Wiring Systems

16475 Interior Switchboards, Low-Voltage

16510 Interior Lighting

16722 Interior Fire Alarm System


Drawings accompanying specifications : about 100 drawing sheets with descriptions and legends

1. Title sheet and location/ vicinity plans

2. Index of drawings

3. Existing conditions and demolition plan

4. Site layout, paving, and utility plan

5. Grading and drainage plan

6. Profiles

7. Details

8. Soil boring logs and details

9. Soil boring logs

10. Landscape plan

11. Landscape details

12. Legend

13. Wall schedule

14. Door schedule

15. Finish schedule

16. Floor plans

17. Ground floor plan

18. First floor plan

19. Roof plan

20. Ground plan

21. Ground and first floor plans

22. Elevations

23. Sections

24. Stair sections

25. Wall sections

26. Stair details

27. Wall and roof details

28. Door details

29. Window and louver details

30. Interior elevations

31. Equipment schedule

32. Ground floor - equipment

33. First floor - equipment

34. Legend, general notes and details

35. Floor plans - area b

36. Pump room plan, section and details

37. Riser diagram and details

38. General notes and legend

39. Partial ground floor plan

40. Partial first floor and low roof plan

41. Partial roof plan

42. Typical details

43. Sections and details

44. Framing elevations

45. Truss schedule

46. Concrete beam and column schedule

47. Concrete joist and footing schedule

48. Concrete wall reinforcing schedule

49. Steel column schedule

50. Legend and notes

51. Enlarged toilet plans

52. Enlarged plans

53. Partial floor plan

54. Waste piping diagrams

55. Water piping diagrams

56. Flow diagrams

57. Legend, notes and schedules

58. Flow diagrams

59. Control diagrams

60. General notes and abbreviations

61. Electrical site legend and abbreviations

62. Electrical site plan - demolition

63. Rad substation plan and details

64. Ground floor - lighting

65. First floor - lighting

66. Upper level - power

67. First floor - power

68. Roof level - power

69. Enlarged plan - electrical equipment rooms

70. Partial plans - mer and fire pump room

71. Enlarged plan - general shop area

72. Enlarged plan - paint spray booth

73. Power one-line/riser diagram

74. Feeder schedule

75. Service switchboard schedule and elevation

76. M.V. Switchgear schedule and telephone riser

77. Lighting fixture schedule

78. Panelboard schedules

79. Fire alarm control and alarm panels

80. Typical device wiring diagrams

81. System zones and circuits

82. Legend, general notes and details

83. Ground floor plan

84. First floor plan

85. Pump room plan, sections and details sections

86. Enlarged floor plan - room 21

87. Layout plan and details

88. Soil boring logs and details

89. Landscaping plan

90. Monumental entrance

91. Transformer building

92. Pump room plan, sections and details sections

93. Fire alarm control and power panels

94. Electrical substation building

95. Guard house & transformer bldg. floor plans details

96. Guard house & lift station plans

97. Electrical substation building plan


Other works

1. Design, development, construction, installation, maintenance and operation all over the world of civil engineering projects and industrial plants (Description) (part in English, part in Italian)

2. Statements certifying performance of works and certifications of work completion (+9,000 words)


Infrastructure & Transport



1. The EMERET project : Enhancing MEditerranean REgional Transport

Sectoral Project - Technical Proposal


Agriculture, Food-supply & Farming



Translation and revision of several Voluntary Papers and Special Papers for the XI World Forestry Congress - Forestry for Sustainable Development, towards the 21'st Century, promoted by FAO and held in Antalya (Turkey, 1997) (+240,000 words)

Translated Topics :

1. Assessment and monitoring of forest and tree resources

2. The forestry agriculture interface

3. Urban and peri-urban forestry

4. Forests and climate change and the role of forests as carbon sinks

5. Protecting forests against pests and diseases, air pollution and decline

6. Forests and fires

7. Conservation of ecosystems

8. Conservation and utilization of forest genetic resources

9. Watershed management

10. The role of forestry in combating desertification

11. Protection of wetlands and coastal lands and their habitat

12. Better addressing conflicts in natural resource use through the promotion of participatory management from community to policy levels

13. Taking Stock of the Various Sustainable Forest Management Processes

14. Exchange of Experience and State of the Art in Sustainable Forest Management by Ecoregion

Boreal Forests

Temperate Forests

Mediterranean Forests

Dry Tropical Forests

Humid Tropical Forests

Mangroves and Other Coastal Forests


Sport, Tourism & Leisure

None for now : only from Italian into French (to be completed)



None for now : only from Italian into French (to be completed)


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