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Jean-Marie Le Ray

Content & Language Consultant

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Jean-Marie Le Ray has founded Studio 92 Snc in 1989 and C & L C (Content & Language Consultancy) a few years later, moving from a pure French Language Service Provider to a Web Marketing-oriented French Language & Content Creator and Consultant.

He gained a most extensive experience and knowledge all over his almost twenty-years history as a translator and copywriter working exclusively from English into French and from Italian into French (One Language, All Fields).

On September 2003, he was invited by Daniel Gouadec of Rennes 2 University to attend and speak at an International Conference on French Translation (TRADUCTION ET FRANCOPHONIES - TRADUIRE EN FRANCOPHONIE), where he presented his views about best practices and up-to-date approaches in professional Translation (French communication downloadable here).

Brief history of a self-taught translator

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English Résumé French national, born in Bordeaux, 24th March, 1957. Married. One child.

French education Studied to BAC Science level in 1975; no University degree.

Transcultural education Studied English for 8 years at secondary school and during numerous stays in England and in Australia (1979/80/81).

Transcultural education Studied Catalan and Spanish, in Spain, during a six month stay (Barcelona, Saragossa) in 1981, basic knowledge of these two languages.

Transcultural education Bilingual French and Italian; based for over 20 years (since September 1982) in Italy.

French Teacher Taught conversational French in a State Technical Institute for four years (1987-1991).

Interpreter Italian - French - Italian Interpreter (both simultaneous and consecutive) Italian into/from French.

ProZ.com Moderator Italian - French Moderator during two years for the Italian/French pair on ProZ.com, "the Web's leading directory of translation agencies, freelance translators, interpreters and translation jobs". See my profile (in French) @ Italian-French Moderator on ProZ.com

Expert-on-oath with the Civil and Criminal Courts in Rome On the Register of Experts at the Chamber of Commerce, Rome (n° 1151/1990), and accredited Expert-on-oath with the Civil and Criminal Courts in Rome.

Owner and sole director of Studio 92 Snc Owner and sole director, since February 1989, of Studio 92 Snc, an independent translation/interpretation Partnership.

Founder of CLC, Content & Language Consultant Founder of CLC, Corporate brand registered the 20th November, 1995, at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office - Italian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Linguistic Auditor Linguistic Auditor of French-localized or to-be-localized Web sites : Language and Content Audit.

Linguistic Auditor Builder of Translation's 2.0, powerful English-French terminological search engine. Try it!

Google Custom Search

Content & Language Consultant in Web Communication and eMarketing French Content & Language Consultant in Web Communication and eMarketing.

Senior translator Senior translator, professional since the end of 1986, (exclusively from Italian and English into French) with over 8,000,000 words translated personally to his credit, or the equivalent of 40,000 pages (1 page = 200 words), in more than forty fields, divided into 14 main categories.

35,197 pages translated in the course of 16 years of activity *

Site Map / Mappa del sito / Plan du site

Statistics of translated pages

* From the first 218 pages translated in 1987 (!) - through the peak in 1996 - up to the regular average, stabilized in these last years, here are a few brief statistics, averaged out :

Stats 35,197 pages translated over 16 years = 2,200 pages per annum, or 6 pages/day (x 365 x 16)!

Stats From 1991 to 1999, with a total of 26,291 pages, this averages out at 8 pages/day, for nine years!!

Stats In 1996, the record year, a total of 4,041 pages were translated, effectively averaging 11 pages/day for every day of the year (leap year)!!!

Stats Finally, from 1998 to 2002, a total of 11,199 pages were translated, giving an average of 2,240 pages/year, which is perfectly in line with the average annual figures for the 1987 to 2002 period. In other words, and in conclusion, a straightforward alignment to the norm...

Stats The figures for years from 2003 to 2005 (about 5,000 pages) were not counted nor included in the graph, the drop of amounts being due to the Studio 92' strategic evolution, whose activities have moved from pure translation to Web projects development and promotion.

When quantity becomes quality...

Translations from English and Italian into French, in 14 major categories *

Translations from English into French and from Italian into French in 14 Main Fields

* Categories - genuine, percentages - arbitrary
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